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Additionally, mourning enables individuals to overcome envious, thoughts that Wolf (2001) indicates, characterize anger too. Release of these destructive feelings then enables the individual to initiate, maintain and sustain the bonds that once existed. Wolf (2001) asserts that release of these can only occur through the act of grieving or mourning. According to them, disillusionment of thoughts that pertain to one’s perception to the other is not enough to counter the destructive internal feelings of anger. Wolf (2001) states that the feelings of anger that contribute to rage should be effectively countered through mourning. Without this the feelings continuously build up and result into rage and feelings of shame. Suppression of these feelings also contributes to feelings of bitterness towards oneself instead of releasing them.

During mourning, Wolf (2001) argues that individuals tend to internalize these feelings and use them to attack their inner self. This is referred to anger and it helps clear other feelings that are related to envy and frustrations. Lack of these internal attacks according to Kohut (1971) result in a feeling of melancholia and reconciliation is unlikely to take place. It should be appreciated that lack of reconciliation makes the addicts strain the relationships that they have with the significant others. The resultant tensions exacerbate the practice of addiction as the patients resort to the drugs for temporal relief.

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