Sample Essay

This film is a musical comedy, drama. It was released on September 6th 1984. Its director was Milos Forman and it was distributed by Warner Home Video. It starred F.Murray Abraham, Tom Hulce, Elizebeth Berridge and more.

For this film adaptation of Peter Shaffer’s Broadway hit, director Milos Forman returned to the city of Prague that he’d left behind during the Czech political crises of 1968, bringing along his usual cinematographer and fellow Czech expatriate, Miroslav Ondricek. Amadeus is an expansion of a Viennese “urban legend” concerning the death of 18th-century musical genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The story is the story of Mozart and his undying passion for music. The theme of the story, in my opinion, rotates somewhat around envy as a result of professional competition, which later turns into enmity. It is also a story of insanity. Both the insanity of Mozart and that of Salieri as a contrast to one another. On the one side, you see a young, agile, life loving and passionate towards music Mozart. He is a sort of a lunatic who lives music. He composes amazing tunes in his mind and hears the entire tune mentally before even writing it down. He sees himself as the world’s greatest composer of all times. On the other hand we see Slieri, a self obsessive man who has the same dreams as Mozart, but doubts his own skills and talent. He prays to God to gift him with a talent like Mozart.

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