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Without doubt the most complex character is that of Salieri, which has been played by F. Murray. The other main character is Mozart, Played by Tom Hulce. Both actors have done justice to their roles:Murrayplaying the envious, professionally jealous composer, and Tom playing the role of a child in an adults body. However in my opinion ,Murrayhas been the better actor , for which he has also received an oscar.

The third “main character” is Mozart’s music, which suffuses nearly every frame. Forman and Shaffer carefully selected and placed each piece, situating it where it would be amplify the on-screen action. One of the most stirring and memorable sequences occurs late in the film, as Mozart is dictating his requiem to Salieri. Here, we see the act of creation in process, both in the acting of Tom Hulce and F. Murray Abraham, and hear the way the music is utilized. It’s a great moment in a great film.

The costumes that have been used are sumptuous as well as the great effect of textured walls and colored lighting which truly take us back in time.

The movie was shot on location in Forman’s nativeCzechoslovakia, and it looks exactly right; it fits its period comfortably, perhaps becausePraguestill contains so many streets and squares and buildings that could be directly from the Vienna of Mozart’s day.

Perhaps his confidence in his locations gave Forman the freedom to make Mozart                                  slightly out of period. Forman directed the film version of “Hair,” and Mozart in this      movie seems to share a spirit with some of the characters from “Hair.” Mozart’s wigs do not look like everybody else’s. They have just the slightest suggestion of punk, just the smallest shading of pink. Mozart seems more a child of the 1960s than of any other age, and this interpretation of his personality — he was an irreverent proto-hippie who trusted, if you will, his own vibes — sounds risky, but works. (roger

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