The Multigenerational Family Therapy was originally developed Murray Bowen. In this mode of family therapy, Bowen emphasized on the key role that the theory he proposed played in guiding therapists through this practice (Bowen, 1978).

According to Bowen, a theory that has been well articulated has got to be emotionally detached as a family therapist. The lack of a well articulated theory usually results in a state of chaos which is uncalled for during the family therapy sessions. Thus, in developing this theory, Bowen sought to find a way through which an approach to the family therapy sessions could be found, avoiding the chaos that normally arose. His theory gave a way through which the data collected during the therapy could be organized, past events explained and this information used to predict the future events that are set to occur. The multi-generational family therapy thus contributes greatly to the understanding of both the causes of these events and how they can be controlled.

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