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This is another major strategy employed by multinational firms operating in GCC countries. From a global perspective, it is important that marketing in these countries may require more than simply changing the language but a genuine adaptation. In a seminal study, which was published in the “International Journal for Advertising”, recorded and found some highly noteworthy findings pertaining to the GCC nations, UAE in particular. These included (JPRS Report 1987)

  • Of all the GCC countries, 24 percent were for cosmetics and the remaining 28 percent for jewelry. Henceforth, more than half the ads, analyzed were for feminine luxury products.
  • 90 percent showed women, with the relevant product.
  • Only 5 percent of the ads were comparative in nature and 8 percent had informational cues. (Dixon 1989)

The aforementioned findings could be very useful for all those who aspire to adapt their messages for the GCC markets. One conspicuous lesson demands showing women in long clothing, wherein the norm in GCC countries is to show women dressed up more conservatively in these countries compared to those in America and Europe. For issues pertaining to      censorship, and public mockery, the marketing strategies are central to one basic point: the audience would be able to relate more easily to women who wear long clothes because they themselves wear long clothes. Savvy and pro-active global firms are cashing in on this approach to market their products. A world renowned fragrance and cosmetics company Coty reportedly marketed their products in UAE while showing the face of Jennifer Lopez only. This was a stark contrast to what one witnessed in the States and Europe where the clothing and style applied is more sensual and revealing.

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