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This chapter covers the multiple argument realization and also argument alternatives. This chapter contributes most to the computational linguistics field of study. The chapter includes the projectionist and constructional prospects of multiple argument realization and this has been explained through theories by Goldberg (1995) and Borer (2003). Both the theories agree that the verb’s root is the basic meaning which is united with event based meanings and then these are represented on the basis of syntactic structure.

The authors have presented a detailed analysis on multiple argument realization revolving around the composition of events illustrated with verbs that take constructions. The construction theory can be better understood by viewing the abstractionist theory that encompasses all aspects of a construction under one semantic representation. But the abstractionist theory does not work when it comes to double object construction since it’s not able to deal with varying status and differential acceptability of certain constructions because its important that instances must fit the semantic representation. The end of this chapter is about the challenges in predicting the distinguishing of verbs from one and another in multiple argument realization and it also includes an explanation using theories limited productivity.

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