The mural shows a walk through Alameda Park on a Sunday. There are three periods of Mexican history namely The Revolution of 1910, The Porfiriato Dictatorship and The conquest shown in the mural.

There are prominent Mexican history figures. The center of the mural shows Rivera at the age of 10 held hand by Dame Catrina, as a skeleton parodying vanity as shown by Jose Guadalupe Posada, a famous Mexican engraver. Posada is shown well dressed in derby hat and black suit on the right of Catrina and offering her his hand. Since Catrina is a symbol of urban bourgeoisie, she is included in the mural as an allusion to Aztec Earth Mother Coatlicue. Coatlicue has a plumed serpent around her neck to symbolize her son Quertzalcoatl with her Aztec astrological symbol showing perpetual motion. The figure of Frida Kahlo is shown in a traditional Mexican dress with her left hand holding Yin-Yang a symbol of duality from pre-Columbian mythology and Chinese philosophy. Her right hand in on Rivera’s shoulders ensuring him protection as he walks through life’s ordeals (Burt, 2003).

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