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Those who would commit suicide
[terrorism] in their assault on the free world are not rational


Murder and suicide are always coinciding and we hardly see them being separated from each other. The assertiveness of murder and suicide is the power over death. In a lot of cases murderers have always ended up attempting fatal self-harm or committing suicide as a result in the end and the ratio of murderers attempting suicide is one in three murders. Apparently, they end up committing suicide with in few hours of killing. Historically, suicide homicide tactics were first used inIndia, Sumatra and thePhilippinesand later on it was launched by Japanese during the Second World War. In the light of the modern History, suicidal attacks have always been an ancient practice for everyone mainly used by the Jewish and had later on became the legendary example in the history.

Weaker parties have always been the one who have basically chosen suicide attack as their major weapon and the reason is to destroy the stronger parties and that was the only option which they had. Charismatic leadership and pressure have always played an important role in getting more volunteers for the suicide attacks. As in 1944, educated pilots were so badly brain-washed that they were told to sacrifice their lives for the their parents, families, the emperor and the people of Japan, these pilots were caught in the beautiful falling and played a major role in the most happening suicidal attacks at that time. Hence, during the battle of 1945, more than 2000 Kamikaze with filled fuel banged into 300 ships, was the most costly naval battle in the history ofUnited States of Americawhich killed nearly 5000 Americans and because of this Atomic Bombs were used to end World War II (Schweitzer, 2000).

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