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With respect to music, the texture is over and over again used in a somewhat indistinguishable way in reference to the general sound of a piece of music. A piece may be able to be defined as having a “thick” texture, or a “light” texture, or a number of other expressions taken from outside of music. In music, texture is the general feature of sound of a piece, that is usually pointed out by the number of voices in the music and by the association that exists in between these voices. There are a number of types of texture of music. The most commonly known textures are monophonic, polyphonic, homophonic and heterophonic.

If a person sings in a bathroom the kind of texture that is being created by his singing can be distinguished as monophonic. Monophonic texture is the simplest kind of music which is perchance also the most easy one to be picked out. A monophonic texture contains one distinct musical line, which more often than not has diminutive or no harmony. Basically, any melody that is presented unaccompanied is the simplest model of musical texture. This is what is known as monophonic texture. At whatever time a solitary melodic voice is present unaccompanied, the texture is monophonic.

Monophonic basically means a single sound. A solitary musical instrument in performance of a melody or a number of instruments performing the same melody is monophonic texture. Considering the fact that in the bathroom the melody being sung is single, it proves that the texture is monophonic in nature. Monophonic is a texture that has melody but has no harmony, which basically defines the way a person sings in the bathroom.

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