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The communities were primarily dependent on crop growing such as cotton, sugar, corn and tobacco. Farming techniques were devoted to new crops, such as watermelons which were the centre of financial stability. Cash crops were established and agricultural experiments were done to improve crops production. The reliable, inexpensive and efficient railroad as a transport medium was constructed, it enabled delivery of farm produce to markets and it contributed to exchange of commodities in the market. The income generated from agricultural produces resulted to construction of  jail, two-story tavern, lumber yard, stores, gin house, blacksmith shop and  steam mill it was furthered by acquisition of the real estates.

The tremendous increase of Mexican population in San Antonio presented opportunities for establishment of diverse services and industries which catered for needs of ethnic group. The emergence of San Antonio’s e as the commercial center of south Texas increased the city’s transportation and financial industries. The rapid economic growth contributed to the city physical and political reorganization structure

Effect of Mutualista to Mexican American Lives

Cultivation of watermelons turned out to be hub economy which resulted to establishment of an annual watermelon jubilee in the small town of south Texas. The improved transport system which connected commercial centers throughout the nation contributed to nation’s industrialization and urbanization. National market and the railroad made great impact for the migration of the locals from rural to the urban centers for jobs and trades which later lead to globalization. The expansion in commerce resulted to introduction of banking system which supported fiscal and physical growth. These changes had great impact on personal lives; it provided employment opportunities, improved living standards, access to good health, nutrition and education.

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