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We all have different experiences every single day of our lives. Personally, throughout my life and even in my present I am constantly gaining new experiences. But the best experience of my life was in the community banking service. I worked as a loan officer and met numerous people everyday for various purposes. Considering that I specialized in small business loans, my target clients were small business owners or people who wished to set up their own business. Keeping in mind that I shared several situations of theirs as my own as I had moved to the country around twelve years ago, I felt more compassionated about the new life they are pursuing in a foreign country. I always tried to take my clients’ side to help them to get loan approval.
One client who I would never forget was one Sushi man from Korea who left his family back in his country and came to the States and wanted to open his small restaurant. He arrived here about five years back and learnt his Sushi skills while working in a restaurant in the States. He was applying for a loan so as to set up his own restaurant. This Japanese restaurant was not only his dream, but it was also his idea to get enough finances so as to call his family to the States and educate his children here.
His loan was disapproved as he had a derogatory credit history and short amount of down payment. He visited me everyday, crying and begging me to reprocess his loan to get approval. I completely understood his position but could not help him with the loan.
I tried finding people who wished to open Japanese restaurants, but could not due to shortage of money. I found a client in another branch and I helped them make a partnership to open their restaurant. The day they opened their restaurant they called me for dinner and were extremely happy. I learnt that even though we might face obstacles in life, we can make our dreams come true through hard work and determination.

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