America was originally inhabited by people of Indian descent, as Lewis and Clark demonstrate in the documentary, Native Americans (Public Broadcasting Service). 500 Nations; an eight part documentary, explores the early and native inhabitants of North-America.

From the documentary, we see a pre-colonial culture of Native Americans, their way of life and how colonial invasion affected them socially, politically and economically (McClain). The documentary spans from their settling to the onset of colonial intrusion through to the end of the 19th century. The New World is a film that shows how natives of North America first faced foreign intrusion. The movie focuses on the Arrival of the British. Captain John Smith sails to Jamestown, where he’s welcomed with hostility and escapes death by a whisker after falling in love with the chief’s daughter (Dargis). The War That Made America is a PBS miniseries that focuses on the French Indian war and its influence on America’s history.

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