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The matter epistemological historically more central with regard to the perception, to that this article almost will be dedicated entirely, is if and how the beliefs about physical objects and about the physical world can be justified generally or can be justified by sensory experience or of perception—where is justification of internalist, having approximately a reason to think that the belief in question is true, that is chiefly in question The justification of entrance, epistemic:  Internalist vs. conceptions of externalist of). “The problem of the external world,” as it is widely known is divided into two parts that are not much in synch with each other, and they correspond to the first two sections.

The first one of these matters has to do with the nature of sensory experience and its relation to the physical world; is typically (although as we will see not entirely clearly) formulated like the question of what is the immediate objects of the knowledge in the sensory experience or, in a variant one but in the terminology in equivalent essence, of what is yielded such experience.  Perhaps the historically standard’s one, although not at present the most popular answer to this question has been that is the sense-data (not physical and private companies that have really the immediately experienced sensory qualities) that is the immediate objects of the knowledge or that is given.  The second matter has to do with the way in which the beliefs about the physical world are justified for such sensory experience.  If it is said that physical objects are not itself given, the two main answers to this question since they are representational and phenomenalism which is the view that physical objects are reducible to or definable in function. A third alternative that has been important in the recent discussion is the direct realism: the view that physical objects are after all itself directly or immediately perceived in a way that ignores the supposition of any interference of something that can justify the sensory experience against physical reality. Along with these views with regard to the justification of internalist of beliefs about physical objects, there is a possibility of how such beliefs are justified; these will be considered briefly at the end of the essay.[1]

[1] Peters, G. (2000). “Theories of Three-Dimensional Object Perception – A Survey,” Recent Research Developments in Pattern Recognition, Transworld Research Network

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