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However, it could be said that some of events might not help some of the host destinations to attract tourists to their destinations because there are high competition between cities that host events. Wamwara-Mbugua and Cornwell (2010) explain that now many event cities have high competition from other event cities, so this is one of the reasons that make some of the events fail because participants have more choices to choose to attend events. Therefore, event organisers need to find alternative ways to increase number of participants.

They also give an example of the number of visitors who attended Strawberry Festival in London, Ohio that decreased dramatically, so this reason led event organisers to change the date, location and increase activities t the festivals to attract tourists to attend this event. As a result, the number of attendances increased. Furthermore, it could be said that events not only have a benefit for destinations, but they may also have a negative effect on the local community. For example, hosting events such as sports events that have negative impact to local residents in term of quality of life such as increasing traffic, air pollution, noise pollution and parking restrictions. Therefore, local people might have negative feeling and they might resist hosting sports events in the future. Jago et al. (2003) suggest that one of the reasons that makes festivals fail because of lack of local community support and this has made people from outside the regions to remember this region as failure, so this reason has made those regions have negative image. On the other hand, it could be argued that these would be small part of problems that could be dealt with by the local government. As the economic recession has affected many countries, the event is one of the important sectors to improve the economy in the host countries by attracting tourists to destinations and helping to create the city image. It could be said that sports events such as mega-events could bring a large number of attendances to the regions so this paper will concentrate on sports events in terms of bringing a variety of benefit to regions.

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