Sample Essay

There are a number of negative social implications that can be associated with this website. The premise of the KungfuPanda website is purely economic gains; it is wrapped up in a colourful product aimed at children.  By having a good understanding of the child psychology, the advertisers have used “pester power”, “brand recognition” strategies to target the children. This endeavour of using child psychology for a successful marketing campaign has been deemed unethical by some (How Marketers Target Kids, n.d.).

It should be noted that martial arts can be considered a violent sport. KungfuPanda site however depicts martial arts in a comedic light and encourages teachers, parents and martial arts instructors to bring children in groups. The site has an external link for group sales.

By giving users free downloads they may be tricked into thinking that these are sincere gifts from the movie distributors/advertisers, but in fact they are being used by the advertiser to broaden their campaign. Being an award winning site, KungfuPanda has succeeded in further spreading its advertising tentacles by being listed on the creative website awards (CWA) and favorite website awards page (FWA). The technical and visual prowess of the site helps more people to learn about the product it sells, in turn creating a reciprocal type of advertising to the site that hosts the awards.

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