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Specifically, the therapists assume a neutral attitude and avoid being judgmental. Furthermore, in order to attain optimal results, the therapist is required to refrain from criticizing the patient in any way. In his study, Sehl (1994) shows that this makes the patient blame him or her self for the situation and undermine the process of recovery. To this end, psychological studies indicate that the therapist should be patient and explain to the clients the root sources of the anger and how the same can be countered. Ormstein (1999) affirms that this is likely to restore calmness in the patients and ameliorate the vulnerabilities of the same.

Spontnitz made various contributions to the present day psychoanalysis of rage. According to him, most of the problems being experienced n the present society are as a result of the people continuously containing the destructive feelings of rage. He argued that the remedy in this lies in these individuals releasing the bottled up feelings that internally hurt the persons. To this end, he asserts that all children deserve comfort, understanding and emotional support in order to grow up in a healthy manner and become productive individuals of the society. He refers to this as a nurturing environment that is fundamental for growth and development. Despite this knowledge he shows that the present society has not taken much effort to address the concerns. To this end, he indicates that the present trends show that children are emotionally and physically abused in various ways. Many people according to statistic conducted in the recent past have in one way or the other undergone some sort of abuse and have been emotionally abandoned when they were young.

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