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New Balance Athletic Shoe Inc.(NBAS) is one of the manufacturer of footwear which was based inBoston,Massachusetts. New Balance Athletic Shoe Inc. was founded in the 1906 by the name of New Balance Arch Supporting Company. They’ve been responsible for investing huge budgets for the advertising which has led them to be one the reliable and the largest manufacturers in the sports footwear in the world. It has been responsible for maintaining its image from the early 1900’s till now by keeping up the good work in competition to its competitors in Nike, Adidas and Reebok. New Balance owns three factories inMaineand two factories inMassachusetts. As per the analysis, New Balance was responsible for manufacturing more than 70% of its shoes in the whole of theUnited States of America. Whereas in United Kingdom, still 28,000 pairs are produced every week which is really incredible for a company which has been into the international market now for more than 100 years.

United States Athletic Shoe Industry

United States Athletic Shoe Industry was one of the largest athletic shoe market in the world. But its market got a bit bobbed-down because its competitors decided to launch innovative structures of the shoes which were in fashion, casual and athletic and got all the customer’s attention towards them. Though Athletic shoes played a major role in the growth rate of the country. Leather was the main attraction in the leather uppers and in a brand name called Adidas which was responsible for introducing fits which were adjusted just what the customer wants. Same as, Nike always had a lead over its competitors by 43 percent in the Global Market around the Globe, whereas Reebok, Adidas and New Balance captured 36 percent of the market in the U.S at that time.

In this Context New balance budget for advertising was $17.3 million, to compete with the New Balance many of it’s competitors started manufacturing the footwear outside US as they were highly labor intensive and as a result later onChinahas become the largest with 85 percent of the share for theU.S.

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