Sample Essay

Japan maybe a small nation physically but it goes unsaid that it is a cultural giant throughout the world. Today’s Japan has progressed by leaps and bounds in terms of their technological achievements as they continue to spread innovations all over the world. Japan holds a strong worldwide image. A merger of the historical art traditions and the contemporary forms of artifacts such as the Manga and Anime, continue to reign all over the world.  Much of US and Europe tries to assimilative these into their own societies.
“Manga” cartoon artists were awarded Nobel Prizes in 2006 by the Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Arso. Some talented Japanese artists were also given the title of “Anime Ambassador” in the process.  Aso believed that Japan’s anime and manga could be central to China. He said that what they have been doing could captivate the hearts of many youngsters across the globe inclusive of China in a seminar held at the University of Digital Content in Tokyo’s Akihabara district. This was something that the foreign ministry could have never handled on their own singled handedly. The cartoons continued to gain popularity across China. Pop culture has the tendency to affect public and ergo we want to not just have it but popularize it on all ends. Such are the endeavors by the Japanese Government to ensure public diplomacy not just at home but also across the world.

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