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In this regard, language education abroad by Japan in some 9 facilities of the Japan Foundation has been further supported. Activities of various private sectors along with some local universities and language cultural exchange groups have been merged into it. At the private level, these activities have largely been supported and implemented by the Nippon Foundation Fund in Japan. It is also called the NF-JLEP and is financed by the Nippon Foundation and Tokyo Foundation.

The program was inaugurated in 1994 and its purpose was to spread Japanese language and promote Japanese language education globally. At least 1.5 million dollars were invested in eight universities in six countries. These endowed universities utilize the earnings from the fund management to execute programs to train Japanese teachers and help them conduct research on Japan in their respective countries and to develop Japanese language teaching materials. It is expected that the program helps promote cultural exchange and integrate the Japanese language across the globe. This and many other efforts by the Japanese are continually undertaken to help strengthen the image of the country globally. (Japan Center for International Exchange)

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