Sample Essay

In short, as the popularity grows of NTFPs in the international market, its consumption will increase the prices, that will lead to over harvesting in the wild and forests alike, push forward the process of on-farm cultivation resulting in income generation and economic addition to the local and national economies, however one is still not sure whether the masses will reap the profit out of this commercialization of NTFPs.

The second factor was the role of NTFPs in the conservation of rain forests. Logging and agriculture can, but do not essentially, negatively affect abundance and diversity of NTFPs. NTFPs are mostly found in primary forests, however many are also found in secondary forest, roadsides, and fallow farmland. Decrease in the rates of deforestation and protection of biodiversity in a land as big and diverse, as the Congo River watershed will not be easy, particularly as it will require integrating multiple uses of the forest.  Moabi tree, which is precious as a source of timber, cooking oil and elephant is a perfect example of the challenge faced by the authorities to manage forest resources that have multiple functions and are important sources to many humans and animals alike.

Local land, resource tenure and access rights are three major aspects, which should always be taken into consideration for any type of sustainable forest management or forest conservation plans or activities. Apart from these primary guidelines, secondary factors like class, education, elite, and statutory rights should also be studied in order to effectively implement innovations and management options. All the above said factors and their relationship together will play a direct a direct role in management successes or failures.

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