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Numerous researchers and practitioners (CIPD, 2010; Redman and Wilkinson,  2009) comment on the purpose and importance of recruitment. Most of the  recent HR literature (Heraty and Morley, 1998: Holbeche, 2009 and Cheese et  al., 2009) emphasises the necessity of the recruitment and selection of  adaptable people who can adjust and are able to fit in self directed and  multidisciplinary teams nowadays required necessary organisations to remain competitive.  Pfeffer, (1994) cited in (Holbeche, 2009)
argues that employees and the way they work provide critical contribution to  the success of any organisation. Pfeffer’s argument is that as technology  increases and product life cycles shorten, the major source of competitive  advantage is finding the right individual employees. Hence in establishing what  can be regarded as successful recruitment approaches, it is important to  consider some of the objectives of recruitment and selection as suggested  below;

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