Sample Essay

Organizations through their Human Resource Department have started spending heavily on training and mentoring their employees and yet such organizations seek that their certain objectives to be achieved since employees are being trained. Among the objectives of providing training to the employees, the prime objective of an organization is to provide understanding of various aspects to their employees that include the main aims and objectives of an organization to achieve in a specific frame of time. While employees are being trained, they are informed clearly about the objectives that company wants to meet and the ways through which such objectives can be met. During trainings, employees are also briefed about the potential competitors of the organization and the threats the company faces due to such competitors in the market. Due to such trainings and mentoring sessions, employees are able to figure out ways due to which they can provide tough time to their competitors.

Sometime training is provided to strengthen the teams working in the organization to improve coordination among the employees. Hence the objective of such trainings is to ensure that employees are well aware of the environment that the company has and ways through which organization can prosper including the coordination among the employees. Trainings are also provided to the employees so that they can get perfect skill in the tasks they perform so that mistakes, errors and blunders and minimized or completely eradicated from the various processes carried out by employees at work. Training clears many misconceptions about any particular task employees perform therefore the objective of training is also to minimize the loss the organization faces by the hands of its employees in form of accidents and mishaps.

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