Sample Essay

Basically, the social learning theory interprets human behavior with regards to incessant reciprocal interaction amongst cognitive, behavioral, as well as particular influences posed by the environment the individual lives in. The most basic procedures that play a major role in observational learning include:

1. Attention, which is inclusive of modeled events such as individuality, emotional power, intricacy, pervasiveness, practical value and qualities of the observer, such as receptive capabilities, degree of stimulation, perception and fortification of the past.

2. Retention, which includes coding of symbols, cognitive association, representative preparation, motor run through.

3. Motor Procreation that comprises of physical capacities, individual observation of reproduction, accurateness of reaction.

4. Motivation, which includes exterior, explicit and self strengthening.

Considering the fact that the social learning theory comprises of consideration, recollection and motivation, it is believed to take in both cognitive and behavioral models (Social Learning Theory (Bandura), 2008).

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