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What is meant here is that personal reasons can be a reason behind the lack of interest in studies by the students. Personal reasons such as lack of concern in the course subject, higher academic stress in college as judged against high school, or have an aversion to a professor also affect class performance. For many arriving freshmen, college stands for a brand new freedom. Parental guidance is no more there for them as they are legally considered adults, and what is there is the fact that they are encircled by more than forty students of the same age. All of these factors appear to play a part in the quantity of alcohol freshmen are likely to drink. Part of this may be because of their activities in high school; nevertheless, a superior part seems to gyrate around the social insinuations freshmen feel that drinking and college involve. Students who start consuming alcohol during their high school years are more likely to experience the off-putting consequences of heavy drinking in college. Negative consequences include being hung-over, getting late for or completely missing classes, destructing property, driving under the pressure, blacking out, and unplanned sexual activity.

 The usage of alcohol between students at college campuses has been a topic of extreme interest in recent years. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, excessive use of alcohol is connected with a wide range of harmful effects among students. It is well known that heavy drinking augments the probability of commending a litany of crimes, as well as destruction and corporeal beat up, and non-drinkers more often than not undergo the consequences of other students’ negligent drinking. The overall GPA of a student is extremely dependant on the amount of alcohol that he or she consumes. According to the research results of a survey that was carried out, more than half of the students in the nationwide survey report having their studying or sleep disrupted by someone else’s alcohol use.

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