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Health environment is a key towards healthy living and efforts are put in to keep the environment clean and free from pollution so that individuals from the society are not affected anyway due to polluted environment. Cleanliness doesn’t only include cleaning the residential areas where people reside but it also includes cleaning parks, streets and also the water bodies like ponds, sea or ocean so that the marine life is able to survive and remains unaffected (Burger, 1997, p. 120).

Recently, United States of America has been badly affected due to oil spillage in the Gulf of Mexico. The oil drilling was being conducted by British petroleum (BP) and was working on routine operations when on 20th April due to a lethal blast at the Oil rig, the oil pipeline 1.5 mile below the sea level blasted which led to crude oil started leaking in the gulf of Mexico.

Due to this blast, 11 workers of British Petroleum Died and rest were safely rescued but this explosion in the deep offshore drilling rig created a new problem for United States and the British Petroleum. The pipeline connected to the crude oil well was so badly damaged that it started leaking excessive amount of crude oil in the sea making the sea polluted and marking a severe threat for wet lands and marine life.

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