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      The narrative that has been taken into consideration goes by the name of Old Angel Midnight and was written perhaps in the year 1959 and was written by the well-known author Jack Kerouac. This narrative can be considered as a consequence of Kerouac’s involuntary experiments of writing that he took up so as to spill out his chemically encouraged feelings on top of paper in order to see what can be made out of them.

       Even though it is known by all that Kerouac was in the beginning pointed the finger at by fictional critics as a nonconformist, but everyone has come to realize that his spur-of-the-moment falsifications and turnings of verbal communication pace well as compared to those of Joyce and Stein, and with the passage of time it has been rightly prove that he definitely was a significant and undyingly well-liked American writer.


      The narrative under consideration, Old Angel Midnight, in which Kerouac, predisposed by James Joyce’s experimentations in Finnegan’s Wake (1939), hard-pressed spur-of-the-moment writing style to its definitive appearance and expression. Kerouac in his letter to his friend informed John Clellon Holmes that the work that he was working upon in the current time was a bit distressful. He started off by complaining that he had no sense as to what he should or should not write anymore and that the work under progress is “an endless automatic writing piece which raves on and on with no direction and no story.” (Kerouac, p. 1). This piece of work came to be known as Old Angel Midnight in which he conducted a test with free connection in order to make an effort to be able to write down “the sounds of the entire world … now swimming thru the window.” (Kerouac, p.2).

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