Sample Essay

As is known, Old Angel Midnight is a long poem that presents a narration to us which was written by American writer Jack Kerouac. This narrative poem is basically a gathering from five diferent notebooks gathered between the years 1956-1959 at the same time as when Kerouac was totally engrossed in Buddhist studies and theory.

In the words of the author himself, this piece of work can be taken as simply the commencement of a life time of work in the sound of a vast number of languages, putting forward the “haddalada-babra of babbling world tongues” that came in through to him by his window at midnight without consideration of where he was or what activity he was engaged in whether he was “in Mexico, Morocco, New York, India or Pakistan, in Spanish, French, Aztec, Gaelic, Keltic, Kurd or Dravidian, the sounds of people yakking and of myself yakking among, ending finally in great intuitions of the sounds of tongues throughout the entire universe in all directions in and out forever” (Kerouac, back cover).

What is more is that the author says that this book is the only one in which he has purely said what he always wanted to and written what he liked which can be anything and everything on his mind whether it be positive or negative, considering that this is what he heard coming in through the window and “God in his Infinity wouldn’t have had a world otherwise — Amen.” (Kerouac, back cover).

Amongst the vast number of prefaces that are available in the book, the well known poet McClure has written that on no account before has insignificance been hoisted to such a climax that it came out to turn into a breakthrough.

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