There is a downside of creating a variety of teams in the workplace. It can lead to discomfort, uncertainty and communication difficulties, particularly if certain members of the staff are not enthusiastic.

Employees should have multiple opinions about how to work in teams. A collective, consensus-driven approach is respected by some societies, while others place emphasis on individual viewpoints and concepts. In challenging their bosses, members of certain cultures might fear they’re crossing a boundary.

There are many different opinions for professionals from different backgrounds on what constitutes a fair leaving period or whether it is acceptable to be casual. It would take more time, commitment and money for preparation to cope with diversity and cultural problems. Your business would have to manage the work-immigration visa scheme if any of the staff are new to the U.S.

For certain team members, you might have to build unique accommodations. A Muslim can need a place to, for example, lay out a prayer mat and worship. New mothers may want a room where, in comfort and anonymity, they may pump breast milk.