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Toys R Us is using online marketing effectively and harnessing it to work to its benefits. It organizes many events and activities to involve parents and children for social causes. This is in essence a form of event marketing being followed by Toys R Us. Furthermore, it is engaging in relationship marketing by forming a relationship with the parent of the children through its seminars and functions of engaging them into the Toys R Us community. Toys R Us is also engaged in experience marketing as the former CEO John Eyler wanted the customers to have fun while shopping at Toys R Us and he is the one who instigated the concept of not just selling toys but an experience to the children and their parents. This concept is still a part of Toys R Us and the Toys R Us store at Time Square New York is a prime example of this concept.

It was astute of the board of directors of Toys R Us to hire Gerald L. Storch the former vice chairman of Target as the new chief executive. His appointment as the CEO shows the marketing strategy of the board itself that they are committed to take down their competition through superior skill set and game plans. Furthermore, Toys R Us has become sensitive towards the needs of its customers and is now offering toys under the brand name of Toys R Us that are cheaply priced with minimum profit margins as will be discussed under pricing strategy.

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