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Operations management (OM) is defined as the design, operation, and improvement of the systems that create and deliver the firm’s primary products. Operations Management is concerned with the management of entire system that produces or delivers a product. Operations Management includes certain decision making that has three aspects to it; Strategic or Long Term Decisions, Tactical or Intermediate Term Decisions and Operational Planning & Control or Short Term Decisions.

Operations Management in organizations has its own place just like any other department but companies like the one I have chosen to base my study on that is Pearl Oriental Innovation Limited, such companies are logistics based and operations management is the key to the efficient running of the organization. In order to get a deeper grasp of this subject it is important to consider the current issues related to operations management because these will form the groundwork for understanding the further study as related to the chosen organization. The current issues related to operations management are pivotal to all organizations where this department is essential and the issues are as follows:

• Effectively consolidating the operations resulting from mergers.
– Mergers & Acquisitions.
– Economies of Scale & Economies of Scope.
• Developing flexible Supply-Chains to enable mass customization of products and services; and also to be able to mass-distribute.
• Managing global supplier, production and distribution networks.
– Outsourcing.
– Control versus Autonomy.
• Increased “commoditization” of suppliers.
– Plug Compatibility.
• Achieving the “Service Factory”.
– Personalized Services.
• Enhancing Value Added Services.
– Production Progress.
– Advance Warnings.
– On-Site helps.
– Competent Helpline.

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