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The topic according that will be applied to the chosen organization and then will form the basis for the analysis of the aspects of the theory chosen is operations strategy and competitiveness which will automatically include product design, process selection and manufacturing, total quality management, strategic capacity planning and aggregate planning.[1]

Obviously the company has its operation strategies that enable it to satisfy their customers and also the final consumer in the market. The efficient execution of all operation and processes has made the company huge and successful and that shows the company is operating within the competitive dimensions that form the base point for a successful operations strategy. Competitive dimensions of a successful operations strategy are more than visible in this organization which confirms the reason to the success of this organization. These dimensions include cost, product quality and reliability, delivery speed & reliability, coping with changes in demand, flexibility in supply chain, ‘Design-to-Market’ Speed and other product-specific criteria like the following:

–        Technical Liaison & Support.

–        Meeting a Launch Date.

–        Supplier After-Sales Support.

–        Other Dimensions.

Operations cannot (generally) excel simultaneously on all competitive dimensions. Management has to decide which Performance Parameter is critical to organization’s long-term success & competitiveness, and thus has preference over other relatively less-critical aspects of the strategy. Straddling occurs when a firm tries to match the benefits of a successful position taken by another firm, while maintaining its own existing position. Pearl Corp. has its operations multinationally distributed and it requires efficient communication and operations management.

[1] Johnson, G. and Scholes, K. Exploring Corporate Strategy, 5th Edn,Hemel Hempstead: Prentice Hall International, 1999.

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