Sample Essay

Opportunities for Listerine consist of fairly high in number and it remains important for Listerine to avail such opportunities and convert them into strengths so that its performance level increases. Opportunities for Listerine remain its chances of penetrating into various other geographical markets as well as penetrating into many other consumer segments. It has been discovered in the research that there are many countries yet left that are not much concerned about oral health care.

Those countries are basically the African under developed countries and such markets are yet unexplored by Listerine hence chances and opportunities exist for Listerine to penetrate and harvest profit in such markets. The other opportunity for Listerine is that up till now Listerine had been targeting its products to all segments but not targeting different products to different segments therefore this remains an opportunity for Listerine too. It can come up with variety of other oral care products designed for different segments so that its market for oral care products begins to boasts up and the profit margin/revenue starts rising up (Scott, 2010, p. 40).

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