Sample Essay

There are numerous elements in our thinking process as in what we think how we think and what are the elements which are backing our thinking process, where some of the embodies in the perceptual vocabulary. For instance, if one thinks it is raining then it is raining.[1] To keep it more short and simple we discuss these few facts which are related to it. The two ideas of the objects of experience, and the reason that is about the relationship between these objects and the experience which is related to it.

The idea is about the objects of experience and it is the part of those two problems which were discussed earlier mainly the facts which are dependent on the experience of their existence. Similarly, in reference to the scientific accounts of perception they are mainly defined as what events are discussed, observed and interpreted. There’s always a distance from the observer when the event is basically occurred, and in that case there’s always a light from the sun which is directed in all the different directions. The best example of perception is defined through the system of an eye as a retina.


[1] McDowell, John, (1982). “Criteria, Defeasibility, and Knowledge,” Proceedings of theBritishAcademy, pp. 455–79

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