Sample Essay

Sustaining a competitive place in electronic business has turned into ever more tricky phenomenon. Amazon’s business techniques were very easy and were copied by a number of competitor companies. Brand uniqueness is not easy to create and then uphold, and building confidence in customers and guarantying safety and confidentiality have verified as the most challenging jobs to be performed. Companies are investigating more compound, incorporated strategies to meet up these challenges. One of the more notorious strategies has been the copyrighting of the firm’s Internet business processes.

Illustration of such Internet business processes copyrighting include:’s 1-Click ordering (stocking up a customer’s billing information so that they do not have to enter it every time they make a purchase);’s copyright on selling of audio or video recordings in download style in excess of the Internet;’s “name your own price” online acquisition model; the Home Gambling Network’s copyright on distant, live gambling in excess of the Internet; and lastly the CyberGold’s copyright on satisfying customers who take delivery of and see online advertisements. Notice that the Internet business technique copyrights are on the business process plan, not the expertise to complete the business process. These copyrights build 20-year monopolies in excess of the business processes recognized in the copyright. Conventionally, business processes were considered to be un-copyrightable; certainly, for many years United States, Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) auditors usually discarded copyright claims which they well thought-out to be bound for a simple method of doing business. The PTO, though, has just been giving way great numbers of copyrights for software associated business processes, particularly business methods that are related with the IT.

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