Sample Essay

1. “Organizational culture refers to the shared pattern of beliefs, assumptions, and expectations held by organizational members and their characteristic way of perceiving the organization’s artifacts and environment. It affects virtually all aspects of organizational life from the ways in which people interact with each other, perform their work, and dress, to the types of decisions made in a firm.” (Organizational Culture and Effectiveness). Leaders have a great influence on the culture of an organization, particularly if the organization is in its initial stages after establishment. “Leaders have lasting impact on organizational culture through the transformation of their initial beliefs and values into basic underlying assumptions.”  (Army War College Carlisle Barracks, 1997).

Leadership in my organization achieves goals through proper assignment of work tasks and timely feedback. A mix of task-performance and group-maintenance behaviors is exercised in developing work plans that ensures both the achievement of organizational goals and the matching of work targets with the career aspirations of the employees.

2. It is possible that someone who is a leader is not a good manager; although mostly leaders usually are good managers. A leader who focuses only on the visionary and strategic role of leadership and does not have the ability to exercise or ignores the supervisory role of leadership will fail to be an effective manager. Likewise, it is not necessary that effective managers be good leaders as well. If a manager focuses only on dealing with day-to-day business activities, planning and budgeting routines, structuring, staffing and monitoring and does not exercise any strategic role within the organization, then the manager is not a leader.

3. The skills that are essential for leaders are strategic thinking, interpersonal skills, ability to identify opportunities in the ever-changing environment and derive a vision and goals an initial organization or organizational change and above all, firm conviction in ideals and the courage to see that those ideals are materialized, despite resistance.

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