Sample Essay

The reference which will be covered would be organization’s resistance and sexuality as Mrs. Lee character was always confronted and was no way less than an angel, the one who’s actually given all what she had just to get the organization’s attention. But this is still not over as she still has to work hard to meet the needs of some people so she must not have a laid back as a lot of things are to be done.

She needs to buy food for some people as she is a single mother who has to work hard in order to meet the requirement and by wearing a traditional law suit with the hotness she has with a wide cleavage open, most women tend to get away from some certain problems if they really know how to deal with unconventional activities which come in their way. Despite of the criticism, there are still many things which made her away from what she actually dreamt for and the mission that was suppose to be achieved was somewhat under shadowed in the lam-light. Her drastic decisions and sarcastic comments has literally broken the shackles as she was once caught in an argument with her husband when she was so happy that she did justice to one of the people, but is that what she wanted in order to satisfy the needs of the people by sexually harassing her dignity, Ofcourse not!

Mr. Lee: What were you up to because this is seriously not a way to help those you love?

Mrs. Lee: I have revolutionary prospects which made me do things which were obviously not legal but to attain certain things, something made me carry the way that was merely impossible for a person like and I know it must be a pain for you as well but this is how it is. I was made to help others and I did what it required. Now, it is up to you Lee, accept me the way I am or turn around you’re fucking face and leave.

( Mr. Lee slaps her really hard by disrespecting her…)

Mr. Lee: Bitch! This isn’t the right way to help, you went out and had sexual affairs and you’re taking as if it is not serious and I should fucking turn my head and go away. Huh!

This certainly brings some action in this boring film with the usage of profane language. Mrs. Lightfoot Lee in the light of helping others had to go through all the sexual favors and yet no one was satisfied.

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