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Organizational resistance was actually made to organize the focused group which the radical strategy of never giving up and giving whatever they had to in order to destroy the beauty of the modern art and the digital warfare in this play. It helps to reflect on the attitude of the growing corporate globalization which have always been illegal if we have this thing in common and you protest at the international level. In this film, this was only what Mrs. Lightfoot Lee wanted to convey to the people looking at it, despairing the fact that she wanted the people to realize themselves whether she was doing justice to people or was it injustice to herself.

The contemporary capitalism can be identified with the organization’s fiscal theory by eliminating the odds and removing the violence and the masculinity which could end up in the dynamics exploitation, could have been unbearable but this was what it was alienated from true men of masculinity. The concept of alienation is for those who doesn’t have any support but for those have the support and this is what Fighter’s club teach us in the organizational resistance that the strongest and the smartest men are never alienated with what’s happening around  instead they strive hard for the improvement of it. And in reference to the Fight Club objective, Mrs. Lee did whatever she had to, no wonder it was a brave act but she actually had the courage of helping others and the way she acted in the play was even more real. These are what all fictions are all about. Full of thrills and massive attention.

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