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In the process of authenticating a better upstream traceability, producers should also develop a better form of organizational understanding and particularly in citing the difference between their product and the brand which they intend sell to multiple consumers. On the other hand each of the production lines has to set their own mind-set and calculation on the expected interest. As any wise producer can easily testify concerning any new organization in the market organizational culture has been observed to be as prevalent and varied as individuals mutual understanding of themselves.12, 16, 19 Organizational culture of building a better platform of understanding may be enduring and complex, not forgetting that each move comes with both positive and a negative effects, may it be to the staff members or any other form of workplace relations.

Though over a long period of time culture will tend to determine the survival of an the ingredient production line over the long term, so long as the main goal of meeting mutual market demand is met and the upstream grading of the company met, then the rest can be easily solved. Understanding this culture can help producers to understand why any change does not come to pass or why an aimed project will always fail. 13, 23 Besides, it will also help producers to determine their weaknesses so as to strive to make changes to the culture. A company’s poor culture will only support a very unfriendly and nonsocial environment in which to work, while a better one will always support more development in terms of its upstream differentiation. 34, 35 Lastly but not least, further focus on other producer’s business stakeholders and clearly evaluating their goals and plans towards the company is equally an important aspect in terms of creating successful designs. Nonetheless, an exclusive and stun focus only on business stakeholders could lead to problems for instance they may produce an ingredient which is way off the one needed or  a design that does not meet user needs in addition to being technically feasible to potential consumers. 31, 36

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