Sample Essay

Readily in Othello, the central character, Othello, can be made out as an archetypal tragic hero who is conflicted by the brawny force of his instinctive gullibility and over-trust as defects in his otherwise honorable character. Basically Othello takes himself as a person who has to prove to the world that he is high and mighty particularly as he is of a different race. His first attempt in doing so was his marriage to Desdemona. His authority in the army was yet another proof of his character.

What is more is that he takes himself as the bravest, most munificent military noble who shares a cerebral love with his young wife, Desdemona that is of supreme limpidness and incorruptibility. But in doing so he incidentally shows the people particularly the wicked character of Iago his disastrous flaw; eventually that of simplicity. Even though Othello is typically a very imperturbable man, as is evident when he declines to let Iago convince him to get annoyed at Roderigo, an external contrasting force distinguished by Iago, brings about the calamity of the play by aggravating the interior conflicting force. Right at the opening of the play, Shakespeare’s intelligent expression of theatrical satire allows the person who reads to become conscious about Othello’s disastrous error in the reality that he hands his complete faith over to a man who is deceitful. At a defining moment in the play where he is tormented with incredulity and descriptions in his mind, the more often than not composed and courageous Othello is seen contemptuous both bodily and expressively at the clemency of Iago (Shakespeare, p. 1- 368).

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