Sample Essay


       Othello basically is the central character as well as the hero of the play under consideration.  Being a Christian Moor and general of the armies ofVenice, Othello is a well-expressed and actually controlling figure, who everyone around him respects a lot. In the face of his prominent status, he is all the same easy victim to insecurities due to his age, his existence as a soldier, and his race. He seems to be a person who has a liberated and open personality, which is used by his ensign Iago to finish off his love for his wife, Desdemona, into a commanding and disparaging covetousness.


      As we know, Othello is presented as a Black Moor who is the furthermost General of the Army inVenice. He is intellectual, audacious, and praiseworthy. The wedding that takes place between him and the fine-looking Desdemona, who is the daughter of a well-known Venetian, aggravates racial affront in opposition to him. But he keeps on living with graciousness and self-esteem as he shows the way to an army in opposition to Turks onCyprus. His perseverance to sense of duty is obscured only by his commitment to Desdemona, who makes her way toCypruswith him. The love Othello has for his wife is so deep and passionate that he cannot bear even the contemplation of a different man even looking at her. And in that lies his weak point, which is resentment.

      The vain hero of the drama Othello is a Moor—most commonly construed as a black man–who prevails the compassion of Desdemona with his vigorous tales of encounter and escapade, adding to the disappointment of her father and the Venetian court of which they are a component. Othello is a man of the armed forces, uncomfortable with unrestricted splendor and situation. The stratagem takes place rather speedily when Iago, a subsidiary of Othello, sets his mind for taking revenge after he does not get the promotion that he really wanted.

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