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The picture that came forth with regard to outbound logistics was observed to be of a less favorable nature than that which came forth in the case of other value chain activities. Respondents highlighted that Dell often has to rely on third party agents to carry out its outbound logistics; as a result, Dell tends to physically lose control of its orders once they have been dispatched. The respondents also noted that the incidence of such cases is extremely rare but the factor is present in the form of a liability in the value chain.

The respondents noted that Dell tries to ensure that all of its outbound logistics activities are carried out by its own team but certain instances tend to arise when Dell is forced to make use of third party outbound logistic service providers. An important element in this regard is that Dell attempts to make use of advanced technology in order to ensure aspects such as on-time delivery and the like, but little more can be physically done other than reporting such cases to the third party outbound logistic service providers in such cases.

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