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Issues related to Human Resource Management are mainly of strategic importance as it deals with management of people that are actually the key assets of an organization and are the front line players that carry out strategic tasks for the organization. Like all other organizations, the concept of Outsourcing carries strategic importance for CSC and can be directly linked up with Human Resource Management.

As the individuals that are outsourced by the Human Resource Department are also part of an organization as they are assigned a project which is linked to the overall success of the organization therefore those individuals must be managed by the Human Resource Department of CSC to make sure their performance level is up to the mark and they are fully motivated to give the best outcome. This concern is normally highlighted due to the fact that there are several organizations that do not regard the outsourced employees as the permanent ones due to which outsourced employees do not perform up to the level and no attention is given to their management. Therefore, it is pretty important for organizations like CSC to make sure that if they go for outsourcing, their Human Resource department must act responsibly and manage the outsourced team in a way that the main objectives regarding the project are achieved without any failure. If Human Resource Department will not be able to keep a proper look on the outsourced employees then there are chances that the project or the assignment might not be able to head towards the right direction and end up as a failure (Doty, 1996, p.97).

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