Sample Essay

But managers can overcome these barriers and improve communication (Robbins and DeCenzo; 2001).The solutions or recommendations to improve communication and overcome barriers are as follows:

  • Use Feedback: This is to make sure to check the accuracy of the information imparted and the reliability of the person passing the information.
  • Simplify language: It is essential to use words that are universal and understandable by all.
  • Active listening: It is important to listen to the entire thing completely and with an open mind and ears in order to extract the right meaning and that which is intended to be imparted by the speaker. Making premature judgments will create problems.
  • Constrain emotions: It is important to consider the emotions behind the message because emotions when running high need to be tackled head on and they might be exaggerated.
  • Consider Nonverbal cues: These are important because they impart a meaning and actions speak louder than words.

The managers need to take basic corrective actions in this case then exercise effective control since this will help to maintain the right environment (Robbins and DeCenzo; 2001).

The organization needs to implement an effective control system in order to improve performance levels (Robbins and DeCenzo; 2001).

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