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CEO Jeff Bezos started in 1995 by advertising and selling books because of the exclusive client experience the Web could suggest for book lovers. Bezos thought that only the Internet could present customers the expediency of browsing a collection of millions of book titles in a one time sitting. Since 1995, has considerably extended its product submission, worldwide sites, and global network of completion and customer service centers. Now, offers everything, including tennis rackets, Maine lobsters to diamond jewelry, and activate sites for the U K, Japan, France, Germany, Canada, and China. has one of the major competitive advantages as is its diversity. Three hundred years ago, here was a British traveler named Alfred Russell Wallace, who initially distinguished the diversity in general, which is today’s supreme claim to fame of the Amazon’s network. Diversity means variety, range, multiplicity or mixture. All these terms clearly show for what purpose Amazon stands for.  The Amazon just seems to be like a forest having a lot of diversity and variety in its products and services. A visit to the Amazon is a chance, to go through the mystery, to experience the twist of top quality products and services. Here in this section we will critically focus on the nature and structure of the Amazon, the different levels of employees in the organization and their IT needs, along with what business pressures the company is facing and how technology can help them to meet the demands of these pressures, and how IT supports people and organizational activities in the company (Turban, 2008).

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