Sample Essay

I am a 5’7 31 year old African American female and I am the single parent of a 13 year old girl. Currently I am in a 3 1/2 year relationship with a 31 year old African American male. Nowadays I am a facilities manager at my place of employment. Being an only child, I have a good relationship with my mother. Life has been very challenging for me in every aspect due to which I have always taken much interest into poetry to keep myself tranquil and calm to overcome all the hurdles that the life has been placing at every corner that I pass through.

Pablo Neruda is one poet whose work I admire the most as most of his poems are based on the bitter realities of life and gives ample courage to the readers to stand up against the troubles thrown by life and face them by being strong and upright. Although Pablo Neruda’s all poems are based on numerous themes but the Poem “We are Many” is the one that has multiple flavors and highlights the facts that are faced by a human beings. This multiple flavor actually focuses on towards multiple identities that are discussed in the poem.

Being a rationalist, I do believe that an individual has multiple identities which he/she present differently in front of different people they interact with. Sometimes while meeting the people who have not been honest towards us, we prefer to come forward with an identity that can best suit our interests and doesn’t expose certain aspects to them which might affect us in any adverse way possible. The poem also places an attention to the fact that at times due to circumstances we are forced to act differently and be different in life, in different places and in front of people.

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