Essay: Pain is a Major Area for Nursing Practice

Essay: Pain is a Major Area for Nursing Practice

Pain is a major area for nursing practice. Nurses are trained on how to help patients overcome pain while they are recovering (Andrzei, 2002). For a patient like Mrs. J, it was important that the nurse assigned to take care of her know how sensitive the case was. Her burns were ideally going to change her lifestyle as well as her looks. The nurse assigned to this case applied the nursing ethic of counseling in her assessment and treatment of Mrs. J.

The nurse took the patient through a series of sessions where the patient got to learn how to take care of the burns while they heal. The nurse also became the patient’s source of motivation in helping her overcome her fear for fires and the effects that the fire had got on her looks.

By the time Mrs. J was through with her medical sessions and had fully recovered, she was back to being a woman of high self-esteem and led her normal life again (Adams, 2010).

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