Sample Essay

In the 1990’s there was a paradigm shift in the Indian business environment. The culture had been modernized due to increased urbanization and globalization. The generation X factor came into play as this generation was  more open towards foreign brands. On the political front liberal forces were in power that deregulated the economy and opened up the economy for foreign players. The foreign reserve crisis also paved the way for economic reforms in the country. Therefore, the legal structure was also made favorable to attract foreign direct investment. The previous restrictions were lifted, companies were allowed to owned wholly owned subsidiaries and use global brand names. Interrelated to the above factors the economy also opened up to provide room for movement to global corporations.

This paradigm shift in the Indian economy allowed Pepsi to gain a strong foot hold in the economy. Nonetheless, it cannot be forgotten that Pepsi company’s strategic focus and planning had for-seen such changes. It was undoubtedly a beautifully crafted and executed strategic plan. Pepsi’s success in India came on the back of genuine hard work of the company and investment into its future strategic direction.

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