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The path goal theory proposes that by recognizing the desired outcomes of subordinates, leaders can motivate them by illuminating for them the paths leading to the attainment of work goals and thus, rewarding them with their desired outcomes for their high performance and the accomplishment of goals. Path goal theory identifies four kinds of leadership behaviors that motivate subordinates these behaviors are: directive, supportive, participative, and achievement oriented. This theory enables leaders to choose their behavioral styles basing upon the task and the subordinates.

Theories bases on particular behaviors that lead to effective leadership are called behavioral theories of leadership. These theories are derived from studies conducted at the Ohio state university and the university of Michigan and focus on behaviors that are common to effective leaders. In these studies it is conclude that behaviors can be narrowed into two broad categories, initiating structure also known as task orientation and consideration also known as relationship oriented. (Northouse, 2006)

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