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Modification were made to the process based on the concerns raised in the Cincinnati test scheme but the new pay schedule did not get implemented in 2003, potential salary loss being the main concern. Ingvarson, Kleinhenz & Wilkinson (2007) quote studies which found “high levels of reliability across both principal and teacher assessors, and significant linkages between teacher evaluation scores and value-added student learning”.
Pay for performance scheme program was implemented in 1998 at Vaughn Charter School for new and early career teachers and it proved to be successful. The performance standards used were those developed by Danielson (1996) and the evaluators included a peer and school administrator who were trained to use the adaptation of the framework. Evaluators were trained to ensure their evaluation abilities were not questioned. For the initial five years there was a 3 to 4 percent salary increase for achieving satisfactory rating after which teachers progressed through the salary tiers. 2.5 average rating in performance standard resulted in Tier 1 reward, 3 for Tier 2 reward and 3.5 for Tier 3 reward. Teachers could also receive salary increases for acquiring skills and knowledge needed for school’s teaching program, improving management and leadership skills and could receive contingency pay for improved student attendance, discipline etc. Ingvarson, Kleinhenz & Wilkinson (2007) suggest that an independent survey of Vaughan staff showed that “75 per cent of teachers felt motivated by the knowledge and skills elements in the standards and wanted the program to continue”.

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