Sample Essay

TO: Mr. James Donohue, VP Marketing, and Pelican Store

FROM: James Donald, Analyst, Market Research Corporation

DATE: 23 May 26, 2010

SUBJECT: Pelican Store Survey Result

Dear Mr. Donohue,

As it has come under your knowledge that your marketing team recently conducted a survey of its customer in order to get information about how the store was doing in terms of sales and to collect the demographics of its customers in order to focus its marketing strategies in-store. I am glad to report that the survey data has been analyzed and I am putting forward a summary of analysis for your interest.

The questions included in the survey were specifically focused on the type of customer and their shopping in store. In this regard the questions were asked about customer’s age, marital status and sex.  With regard to their shopping questions were asked about the number of items purchased in store, the total amount of purchase as well as mode of payment used. As you are aware that the store also runs various promotions under which new customers are encouraged to shop at Pelican. This fact was also identified to each customer who participated in the survey.

The survey revealed quite a few surprising but important face, which I believe should be mentioned in the executive’s meeting next month so that appropriate actions should be take for them. The first important fact was the number of regular customer in store when the survey was conducted was significantly less than the promotional customer. While this may be considered a bias of the survey, the difference is significant with only 30% of customers who were survey were classified as Regular customer. In addition the sales figures for both type of customers yielded a very similar result with the majority of sales done to Promotional customer.

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